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Why Placenta Encapsulation

Women in cultures all over the world have been honoring the placenta in different ways for thousands of years. In many cultures, the placenta is believed to hold special healing properties for women during the postpartum period because of its incredible hormone producing power during pregnancy.
Somewhere around 8 weeks into a pregnancy the placenta takes over the responsibility of managing a woman’s hormones. Once the baby is born, the placenta is no longer needed and the body expels it. A woman’s body, no longer pregnant, takes approximately 6 weeks to begin managing the hormones again on it’s own.
That six week transitional time can often be a roller coaster of emotions and physical symptoms while the body is relearning the right combination of hormones needed to function most efficiently.

Ingestion of the placenta has not been FDA approved and results cannot be guaranteed but women that have taken their placenta pills do report the following benefits:
    • Reduction in postpartum bleeding
    • Increased milk supply
    • Replenishment of hormones such as oxytocin and CRH (stress reducer)
    • Replenishment of essential nutrients such as vitamin B6 and iron
    • Overall feeling of calm
    • Decreased risk of postpartum depression
    • Sustained energy levels
    • Reduction in stress

$200  Initial Preparation
-Traditional Chinese Method(TCM)
- RAW Method(High Potency) 

With the TCM method, the placenta is cleaned, then steamed with lemon and ginger, dehydrated, ground to a powder and encapsulated.

RAW(High Potency) Method is cleaned and immediately dehydrated at a low temperature, ground and then encapsulated.

You may do a preparation of half TCM and half RAW for an additional $20.

$35 Tincture, 4ounces
A small piece of your placenta is placed in an alcohol base for 6 weeks.
It is then ready for use for times of stress and can ve used in addition
to the capsules

$15 Placenta Print, $5 for each additional print

Pick up and delivery are included within 25 miles of 48191.
A delivery fee of $15 will be applied for areas outside 25 miles,
 $25 fee over 25 miles 

- Free cord keepsake with any preparation!

Cost a factor?  I work with everyone! Payment plans and sliding scale are available to those who inquire.


**We discussed placenta encapsulation with Martha and she educated us on the process and benefits. We decided to give it a try and I was hooked! Martha took my placenta from the hospital and a short time later delivered a jar of capsules with instructions. I took them daily and noticed an increase in my energy and alertness and felt stronger overall. It is a great service and well worth it!**

-Kristie, active mom of four, Ann Arbor, MI

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