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Breastfeeding and Baby- Postpartum Support

This is the time that most parents find challenging!  Feeding your baby is priority one but things are getting complicated. How do you manage with less sleep, do chores and get in personal care while taking care of this adorable baby? Ughh! Asking for a little help may be in order.

Let's break it down:

A Lactation Visit may help with the following;
Is the baby getting enough?, Is the latch good?, How often should the baby eat? 
$60 for a home consultation, follow-up, $40

Daytime Postpartum support may help you;

Be able to rest and help care for you and your family,
Have an extra set of hands to do light housework, cooking,
running errands, or sibling childcare.

Overnight Postpartum support;

Need extra sleep? Baby isn't?  I come from 10pm-6am to help with this specific situation.

Postpartum rates are based on the number of hours needed,day vs nightime and can be customized to your needs.
They range from $25-$35 an hour and advance reservations are recommended.

Private childbirth education and infant care classes:
Classes done in the privacy of your home or other location. Perfect option for demanding lives that need creative scheduling. Learn privately or invite other couples to join you and split the cost. Preset topics cover a range of information for everyone.
$60 hour
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